Accepted Recyclable Items

The Crawford County Recycling Center accepts ALL your recycling material. See our detailed list of items we accept at the recycling center below. For your convenience, we have several other recycling sites for drop off in the area.

Cardboard (Corrugated), Boxboard
Shoe Boxes, Cereal Boxes, Pop Cartons, Brown Paper Bags, Etc

Newspaper Only
(Ad Slicks Are Ok)
No Plastic Or Brown Paper Bags, Please!

Office Paper, Computer Paper & Junk Mail
Copy Paper, Laser Paper, Green-Bar Paper, Colored Paper, Etc.

Telephone Books, Magazines, Catalogs, Paperback Books
(Bring hardback books to the recycling center. Please do not put in the recycling trailer.)

Plastic Grocery Bags
Industrial Shrink Wrap Or Stretch Wrap.

Plastics #1 (Pete) “Clear”
(Please Rinse First And Remove Lids.)
Soda, Water Bottles, Brown Creamer, Vitamins, Etc.

Plastics #2 (Hdpe) 
(Please Rinse First And Remove Lids.)
Milk Jugs, Water Jugs, Juice, Shampoo, Etc.

Glass (Color Or Clear)
(Please Rinse First And Remove Lids). 

Colors need to be kept separate.

(Bring green and blue to the recycling center. Please do not put in the recycling trailer.)

Aluminum Cans Only
(Please Rinse First).
No Aluminum Foil Or Food Trays.

Steel Cans
(Please Rinse First)
Labels May Stay On.


  • Scrap Metal – (Aluminum, Steel, Iron, etc.)
  • Appliances without Freon – (Stove, etc.)
  • Household Batteries – (all battery sizes)
  • Antifreeze – green or red (no oil or other solvents mixed in with antifreeze)
  • Electronics – (CPU, printer, etc.)
  • Waste Motor Oil – (No solvents mixed in)
  • Lead Acid Batteries – (car, truck, etc.)
  • Used Cooking Oil – (vegetable, olive, canola, peanut, etc.)


  • Appliances with Freon – $15 each
  • TVs – under 21” ($5), 21”-32” ($10), 33” or larger ($15), Consoles Floor Type ($20)
  • Tires – Car & Pickup Truck ($3 each), Semi truck ($7 each), tractor or larger ($25 each). $5 extra if tire is on a wheel/rim.
  • Computer Monitors – $3 each
  • Latex Paint Hardener – $1 each

Paper and cardboard recycling collection – two sizes of recycling carts are available free of charge to all Crawford County businesses and industries. Cardboard dumpsters are also available to businesses for a $20 per month charge. For more information please call us at 419-562-4169.

Household hazardous waste collection will be offered every 5 years so that household chemicals and paints can be disposed of safely. Please contact us for more information.

Tire collection – Tires are accepted Monday through Friday at the recycling center for the fees mentioned above.

Fluorescent Lamp Tubes and CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) is accepted FREE of charge for all Crawford County residential homes and must take to Recycling Center. No lamps from businesses.